This questionnaire is designed to gather important information surrounding your lifestyle and nutrition, so that we can put together a 'Lifestyle Plan' to support your goals. The more information you can give, the better advice we can give you in return. Lifestyle factors, stress and nutrition play a huge role in your results.

There are 4 separate forms. Please fill out your name and click 'Submit' before moving onto the next form. This information is confidential.

This is the last form. After this, your final step before receiving your Program is to complete your Movement Screening.

Describe your current exercise or training regime (if have one).
Please list any injuries you have - currently or previously
What is your goal & WHY is that your goal? How would it make you feel if you achieved that goal? Details please.
How many days can you commit to training per week? (Ideally 2 or more)
Do you have a sedentary or desk job?
Do you know how many steps you walk per day?
What equipment do you have access to? (bands, dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells etc)
Any medical info we need to know? eg. Asthmatic, High BP, etc.