Cardiovascular Disease & Benefits of Aerobic Exercise

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is one of Australia’s leading health problems, and is a major cause of death. Based on self-reported data from the ABS in 2017-18, "an estimated 1.2 million Australian adults aged 18 years and over had 1 or more conditions related to heart or vascular disease".


CVD is a very real thing & if you’re not already training your heart, it’s probably time to start - especially if you’re lifestyle/occupation is sedentary and your health markers out of whack.


Some benefits of aerobic training include:

  • Increased work capacity in the gym

  • Lowered BP and HR & therefore lower risk of developing CV disease

  • Mental benefits including lowered stress levels

  • Improvements in glucose metabolism,

       + many many more.


Building a solid aerobic base is an easy task, and the more data we can collect to measure your progress, the better. Regular BP measurements & recording HR during aerobic training will give us a good snapshot of the adaptations your body is making, as well as making sure that we’re staying within the aerobic zone to produce the adaptations we are chasing.


James E Sharman et al in 2014 conducted a study (published in the American Journal of Hypertension) which demonstrated a large decrease in both clinic systolic & diastolic blood pressure through aerobic endurance training for patients with prehypertension.


Clinical and lifestyle risk factors of CVD present themselves in the form of high blood pressure (prehypertension or hypertension), smoking, obesity, little to no exercise, and more.


Start training your heart & building your aerobic base today - your body will thank you for it.