Who We Are & What We Do

We are incredibly passionate about helping people to reach their potential of being the best version of themselves. P3 Performance aims to bring that potential to life - whether that is stronger, leaner, healthier, more energetic, confident, athletic, improved performance, moving pain-free, or having a more positive relationship with your body. 

The P3 Performance values revolve around an open, honest relationship with all clients, enjoyment, trust, and health & safety to ensure that your results are long lasting  - and not just a quick fix.

We have a goal of improving the quality and longevity of our clients lives. It is our mission to build a community of people who are committed to their health & fitness, who are interested in being the best versions of themselves, and to create a genuine support network within the P3 Performance community to encourage each and every one of our members along the way.

Check out our 'Coaching' page for more info on our coaching options.