1:1 or SP Training

  • 1:1 PT = 45min of Personal Training
  • 4:1 SP = 45-60min of Semi Private Training  (2-4 clients, 1 coach)
  • Initial Consultation discussing your goals, health, and training history. This is where we gather the info we need to develop your individualised training/lifestyle plan.
  • In the Initial Consultation we go through an In Person Postural & Orthopaedic Screening/Appraisal
  • Minimum two in-person training sessions per week. During training sessions you are guided through your program & mentored through your health and fitness goals. 
  • Every 3-4 weeks you will receive an updated plan and training program. 
  • Every week you are required to submit a simple update (either in person or online) so that we can keep you on track & see if anything in the plan needs to be updated, or if you need support in a specific area
  • We're here to help. You can contact us whenever you need for help or further guidance. Communication is key!